Trumbull Continuing Education
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Trumbull Continuing Education
Fall 2023: Financial

Class Title Session(s) Dates & Times Instructor
Entrepreneurship: Starting Your Own Business With Little Money Down (CE12) 1 10/17 Tu. 8-10PM Nathan
Estate Planning 101 (CE08)  1 10/24 Tu. 6-7:30PM Camporeale
Getting Great Real Estate Deals When Buying or Selling Properties (CE13) 1 10/17 Tu. 8-10PM Nathan
How to Drastically Cut Costs in Difficult Financial Times (CE10) 1 10/17 Tu. 6-8PM Nathan
How to Go Through College Without Going Broke (CE15)  1 10/30 Mo. 8-10PM Nathan
Medicare Basics: Get the Facts (CE07) 1 9/13 We. 6-7:30PM McGuire
Planning and Paying For Long Term Care (CE09) 1 10/11 We. 6-7:30PM Camporeale
Secrets That Wall Street Does Not Want You to Know (CE11) 1 10/17 Tu. 6-8PM Nathan
Wheeling and Dealing: Car Buying Wisely (CE14)  1 10/30 Mo. 6-8PM Nathan
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