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Archangel Guidance & Healing

Experience Healing, Support, and Guidance! Attuning to the powerful Archangels is invaluable because they each have specific roles in helping relieve your worries, fears, anxieties, ailments, and blocks. Plus, they help heal and guide you with relationships, career, health, school, self-love, emotions, grief, memory functions, and so much more!

During this class you will receive:
♥ An awakening to the 10 major Archangels and their specialties.
♥ Healing practices to balance your mind-body-spirit.
♥ Techniques for releasing worries, fears, unforgiveness, and burdens.
♥ The proper ways to ask the Archangels for manifesting, healing, and support.
♥ An evaluation of your life balance, which areas need strengthening, and which Archangels to call upon for support.

Asking the Archangels for guidance will help bring peace and justice into your life, will assist with physical and emotional healing, pour forgiveness into your heart, give confidence to speak your truths, the courage to stand up for your beliefs, the will-power to set boundaries, they help you find new love, a career best suited for your passions, and so much more!

Archangel Guidance & Healing (CE43)
Sessions: 1
Dates: 3/19/2024 to 3/19/2024
Meeting Time: 
Tuesday  7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location:  Trumbull High School Room C-2
Instructor: Robin Tesei
$44.00   (Class Fee)
10% Senior Discount
Note: Registration has ended

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