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External Diploma Program

The National External Diploma Program (NEDP) is a high school diploma program for mature adults who have acquired their academic skills through life and work experience. Participants in this program must demonstrate their skills through the successful completion of a series of assignments. Candidates must complete these assignments with 100% accuracy. This is an opportunity for candidates to work independently, while maintaining weekly appointments with their EDP advisor/assessor.

How do I “demonstrate” the skills I have?

Students are asked to demonstrate skills in practical ways. For example, you may be asked to: read a newspaper or a lease, measure for carpeting , write a letter to a member of Congress or to a landlord or compute interest on a charge card.

Can my job and home management experience help satisfy the requirements?

YES! As part of the External Diploma Program, you are required to have individualized skill. This skill can be demonstrated by: advanced academic skills training in a new field, documentation of a current occupation or home management experience.

The External Diploma Program also:

Offers flexible scheduling, requires complete mastery of skills, allows many skills to be completed at home, and allows adults to choose their instructional resources.

How is the External Diploma Program different from school?

It is designed especially for adults. The External Diploma program is: flexible, self-paced, confidential, and conducted through one-to-one appointments with trained assessors.

Who chooses the External Diploma Program?

Adults who are: Practical and highly skilled, usually 21 years or older, self-directed and mature, and interested in confidentiality.

Is the External Diploma Program a real diploma, and can I use it to go to college?

YES! The diploma is issued by the Trumbull School Board and is accepted by colleges.

How long does it take?

Completion time varies with each individual, averaging around six months.

For an individual appointment or for more information, call (203) 452-4554.

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